Going to the gym might occasionally be difficult since you know that your dream figure is impeded by that pesky tummy fat. Alternatively, perhaps you’d want something really powerful to sense the energy. It’s time to tone up for summer. The Methyldrene 25 Ephedra ECA Stack is now available. It’s time to start getting asked how you lose weight by everyone! It’s time to obtain the Cloma Pharma Original Fat Burner! You want to be able to see and feel the fat being burned. These yellow fat burner tablets can help you burn fat quickly so you can show off your muscles while also boosting your energy and stamina! It fulfills all your desires for a fat burner! Introducing Cloma Pharma’s 25mg Ephedra Methyldrene


  • Very potent burner of fat.
  • Helps in the breakdown and absorption of fat.
  • Reduces appetite.
  • Stimulates energy.
  • Improves feelings.

How to use

Take one capsule of OF Methyldrene 25 with breakfast in the morning and one capsule with lunch in the afternoon as a dietary supplement.  Methyldrene 25 capsules should not be taken more than twice in a 24-hour period.  Avoid taking it within six hours of bedtime.


Rice flour, magnesium stearate, FD&C blue #1, FD&C red #40, FD&C yellow #6, titanium dioxide, gelatin.


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